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I asked a question some time ago regarding rodent mites.
How can i tell if i have them, can i make a homemade sticky trap to see if my bed or carpet may be harbouring them and if so where is the best place to put it? I saw a mite crawling up a wall next to a chair i frequently sit in, it was reddish/brown and moved quite slowly.I tried to attach it to tape but it got crushed easily so when i went to use my magnifier i couldn't make out it's anatomy. I still occasionally feel pin prick bites on my legs.
Thank you.


There are no traps for these mites but if you see one use a cotton swab (Q-tip) dampened with alcohol to catch it. Place the specimen in a small vial of rubbing alcohol. There's an insect/mite identification service at the Natural History Museum in London that should be able to help id it. Also, see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/bird_mites.html for a photo of these mites.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your rapid response. In your opinion would I see a lone rodent mite wandering a cold wall? Is it more likely to be a harmless spider mite instead? We are having a lot of rain recently here.

Unlikely that you'd find a spider mite other than clover mite, see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/clover_mite.html, climbing on a vertical wall. Clover mites have very long front longs (see page cited above) so should be fairly easy to id.

Jack DeAngelis

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