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Last fall (2015) we were cleaning up the yard and I found this "unknown tree/shrub" that I wanted to see what it would grow to be.  I transplanted in a terra-cotta pot and have let it be.  It is located on a screened in porch that gets around 6 hours sunlight in Zone 7 of Moore County, North Carolina.  I'm not very familiar with the area and it's entomological characteristics outside of there being common species found on a lake home in a highly predominate area of pine trees.  I was just beginning to spruce up the area for spring and began sowing seeds (1st time go at it).  As I was getting pictures to share I found two cocoons under the "unknown tree" in the screened in porch and with a irrational fear of spiders am concerned.  We do have a tremendous amount of Wood Spiders which "Pest Control Company" sprays 4 times a year for.  I have attached 3 images in hopes of identification because if they are caterpillar or lady bug cocoons I would be ecstatic.  Thanks in advance for your help to unwind a frenzied mind.



These are not spiders but rather moth cocoons. As far as "wood" spiders go you may be referring to wolf spiders (long, hairy legs, very common in warm climates). The best control for any of the hunting spiders (like wolf spiders) are sticky traps, see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/spider_tp.html. Post a follow-up if you have questions.

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