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Swollen/ itchy
Swollen/ itchy  
For the past week i have been awaken to burning sensations on diffrent parts of my upper body, chest and arms, shoulder. Its usually a swollen red welt. I have been consumed with bug sprayes, washing sheets, saturating mattress with pesticides ect. I cannot find what is biting me or stop it. I am now considering hiring an exterminator. My husband never gets bitten, or he isnt getting the same symptoms/reaction. What is this biting me?


This type of mark is characteristic of an allergic reaction. Many things can cause this type of reaction including allergies and bug bites (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/unknown_bug_bites.html for a list of insects and mites that bite). Bug bites are usually round so my guess is this is caused by an allergy, either contact (such as poison oak/ivy) or food allergy. It might even be the pesticides that are cause this so definitely stop applying pesticides to the mattress. I'd suggest consulting with your MD rather than an exterminator since I doubt very much that insects or mites are causing these lesions.

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