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Egg case pic 1
Egg case pic 1  

Egg case pic 2
Egg case pic 2  
This egg sac is attached to the outside wall at our school.  I want to make sure it is not a gypsy moth egg sac.  It is about two inches long, smooth and feels like paper.  It is golden in color.

If it is a Gypsy Moth I assume I should destroy it by soaking in soapy water for a few days.  

I was hoping for a silk moth egg case.  Hope this pictures are clear enough.  I love all things nature and would like to know if it is invasive or indigenous.

Thank you!

Hi Penny
Although it looks like it, I cannot confirm that this is gypsy moth egg case.  I would have to see the caterpillars. You could wait and see what hatches or scrape it off and destroy it. The caterpillars are quite distinct.  I don not know in the gypsy moth is indigenous ther because I do not know where you live.
Personally I try to never interfere in processes in nature and I would observe it to see what happens and then leave it be

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