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What is this?
What is this?  
Hello, Walter.

I was walking down the streets of New Westminster a few days ago when I saw this creature flying along the sidewalk. I'd never seen anything like this before! It was on the large side, maybe as long as my finger, and had four big wings, and orange markings lining its thorax. It flew across the street, and when I found it again, it landed on the street corner pavement and crawled around on it, often fluttering along a short distance off before landing again. I'd really love to know what this is, it's like nothing I've ever seen!

Hi Jascha
. This is the female Dobson fly (Corydalus cornutus) It spends most of its life at the bottom of streams and is called a Hellgrammite. When I was a kid we used them for bait.
It pupates and leaves the water  to mate. The male has huge jaws . Google Dobson fly and see some examples

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