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Red Pasadena Insects
Red Pasadena Insects  

Red Pasadena Insect closeup
Red Pasadena Insect cl  
Hello - I have attached a pic of some bugs I saw today on one of my potted plants in Pasadena CA.  The body of these insects are are around 1/4 inch long.  they are kind of slow-moving or motionless.  When I googled, they looked a lot like nymphs of milkweed assassin beetles, but apparently those are native to gulf states?

Hi Angela,

Thanks for the question. You have identified these little nymphs correctly; they are assassin bugs. Assassin bugs live all across North America, but prefer warmer climates. This includes southern CA. They are beneficial for gardens/plants because they are predators of other insects, but FYI they also can bite humans when they are adults so I wouldn't pick them up without gloves.


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