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egg case
egg case  
There is some kind of case attached to the brick wall just under the eaves of our school.  the wall faces the east but the location protects it from the rain.

It is about 2 inches long and oblong in shape with ragged edges.
It is golden in color.  Not shiny but looks like real gold.  It is smooth and was fairly flat but is gaining thickness as time goes by.

Image is attached.  Oh, I live just north of Kansas City, Mo so am in the Midwest.  Hope you can help me.  It's driving me nuts.  I love all things nature.  If you can't enlighten me I would like to know who can.

Thank you!

Dear Penny - Unfortunately, your image is not clear enough for to do much other than offer a guess or two as to what it might be. My initial impression is that it might be either a cocoon or an egg mass of a moth of some kind, but your description of it gaining in thickness over time puzzles me. If your camera lacks a macro capability, see if you can borrow one that does and take at least a couple of close-up images under both direct and indirect lighting, and attach those to a follow-up question. Regardless of its actual identity, I do not believe that it is any cause for worry on your part. In the meantime, you could try contacting your local/regional office of the Kansas State University Extension Service to see if anyone there can be of assistance - see <> for contact information.


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