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Hello, i live in Jordan and I usually go out for spider collection. today I found this spider few days ago and wasn't able to identify it. the size isn`t actually small it sizes a bit more than a matchbox. also have you got any idea how can I set it`s terrarium? it doesn``t seem to be happy with what i gave it (Tupperware with soil substrate, bottle cap with water, and small hideout). it doesnt settle in just keeps running up to all corners trying to flee and not accepting any food.

thank you :)


I am not at all familiar with spiders of the Middle East, but....

Your spider most closely resembles what we call "nursery web spiders" here in the U.S.  They belong to the family Pisauridae.  I suspect that is what you have.  The eye arrangement is certainly very similar, if not identical.

Many nursery web spiders live in the vertical environment:  on tree trunks, amid shrubbery, on walls, etc.  Your spider might be more comfortable in a tall terrarium with vertical objects it can climb, and maybe a hole or cavity to hide in that is off the ground.

Best wishes for it to calm down and begin eating.  It is common for spiders that are newly captured to refuse to eat for several days; and spiders are built to withstand long periods between meals.  As long as water is provided (even as a fine mist), your spider should be fine for the time being.

You may also want to consult members of the International Society of Arachnologists, or join various arachnology groups and forums online (like "Arachnoboards" or "Insect Geeks").  Many people in those groups keep arachnids as pets and can be very helpful, more so than myself.


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