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Within the past year I've started noticing these tiny bugs in my basement more and more, but they are almost always dead already. I've done some reading and they kind of seem like springtails, but I am honestly not sure.

Would you be able to help identify these? They seem to be mainly in the unfinished areas of my basement or the tiled areas of my basement, but they are also sometimes dead on bookshelves, or even on top of my foosball table. They rare occasions I find them alive, they don't seem to be able to fly, so if I am finding them on top of tall things, if makes me wonder if they are coming from the ceiling.

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Doug
 The photos are not too clear but what I an see they do look like springtails. The key to identification is the fact that when disturbed they have a trigger mechanism that shoots them up in the air and they appear to be jumping. They harmless feeding on bacteria and fungus spores. They thrive on moisture conditions so to get rid of them things must be kept dry

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