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QUESTION: We have something boring into the mortar betweem bricks on our house. It is interesting because we can't find anything on the outside of our house and have not seen anything but spiders on the inside. Our exterminator could not identify the cause.

ANSWER: Marion,

Can you post a picture of the damage? There are no insects that bore into mortar specifically but I may be able to help determine what's causing this.

Jack DeAngelis

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Bore Damage
Bore Damage  
QUESTION: There were perfect round holes until the exterminator closed them up when checking them out. There is nothing we have seen at higher levels.

Perhaps a mason bee or small carpenter bee. They use tunnels in wood to raise their young. If the mortar is relatively soft they might be able to dig in it. In any case this is not something that is likely to cause significant damage.

Jack DeAngelis

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