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bug on tomato plant 1
bug on tomato plant 1  

bug on tomato plant 2
bug on tomato plant 2  
Hello, I have attached two pics of a small bug that is hanging out on a potted tomato plant on my patio in Pasadena, CA.

I would like to know if this bug is beneficial (ie, a predator of other bugs) or a pest (ie damaging to my plant).

I am particularly concerned that this bug might be behind my problem of dropping tomato blossoms.  The blossoms on this tomato plant are dropping off instead of forming tomatoes.

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This is a true bug (Hemiptera) but I can't see it clearly enough to id much further. Many true bugs are predators so this one may be considered beneficial. When tomato plants drop their blooms it is usually a sign of nutrient deficiency or lack of pollination. I'd start with giving them a good quality fertilizer that includes micronutrients (not too much) and see if that helps.

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