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This is extremely zoomed in
This is extremely zoom  
I've noticed some bites on my sons and doctors thought it was scabies. 1 month later still not sure. I finally felt something on my arm and was able to get it for a photo. Still not sure what it could possibly be. I understand that may not know for sure but if you could at least help me guess it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you

Hi Cristal
This is a perfect photo of a head louse. It is not the scabies louse. I cannot respond to the Doctor' diagnosis but body lice do not cause visible bites so I do not think that this was involved in what your son had.
The fact of the matter however is that someone in your house has head lice. Find out who is scratching a lot and look for the eggs attached to the hair shaft  ( called nits). You can then get products from the drug store to get rid of them. Usually if you do not treat them everyone in the house will get them

I am scratching my head just looking at this photo


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