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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/what kind of bug is this?


little jumping bugs
little jumping bugs  
QUESTION: These bugs are in my house. They jump kinda like a flea. What to know what they are.

ANSWER: Tammy,

I can't see much detail in the photo (how did you take it?) but from your description it sounds like springtails, see for a close-up. Springtails commonly enter homes following heavy rains. They are completely harmless and can be swept up when found.

Jack DeAngelis

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underside of jumping bug
underside of jumping b  
QUESTION: I took pic on my phone. And I looked at the springtails like u said. Those don't look like it. Its not long. Its kinda fat with red eyes and kinda looks like it has a stinger or web or something coming out it's looks kinda like an alien.

This photo looks like the underside of a stink bug but again I can't see much detail. Some Hemiptera (true bugs) have red eyes and this may be an immature (nymph) stink bug. Again they are completely harmless and can be swept up when found.

Jack DeAngelis

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