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Small black bugs
Small black bugs  
QUESTION: The outside of our house has been invaded by these small black round bugs and we're trying to figure out what they might be.


I can't see enough detail in this image to id. Can you get a a photo that is focussed? Perhaps take the bugs out of the bag. Also, check if your camera has a "macro" mode so you can focus closer.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: Another picture

ANSWER: I don't see a new photo???

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Small black crawling bugs
Small black crawling b  
QUESTION: I'm sending second picture

This is an immature hemipteran (Hemiptera), or true bug. There are many species most feed on plants. I suspect that these are developing on plants growing next to the house. They are harmless and can be simply washed off the siding with ordinary soapy water if necessary.

Jack DeAngelis

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