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I live in northwest AZ. On the way home from Kingman to Dolan Springs, AZ There was a swam of these bugs. They are thinner than a pencil slender about 2-4 inches long, has transparent wings and a black line around the bottom edge. The top has yellow circle about 1 inch. I was stung by this and got the stinger out. The stinger was the very thinnest possible black maybe 1/8 long or smaller. The pain stopped but the redness is still there. Pain made my whole arm hurt, burn, sting. I started getting stomach cramps but it went away after got stinger out. Now the next morning there is a red circle around where the sting was. I have drawn a circle around it and it burns and stings.
I am allergic to a bee sting and have stopped breathing. I carry epi- pen with me all the time. Please tell me what is the name of bug if possible Thank you


Can you post a picture, this description does not match any insects I'm familiar with. Sounds like it was some kind of wasp, possibly a tarantula hawk (http://www.desertusa.com/insects/tarantula-hawks.html) but these wasps don't occur in swarms normally.

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