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 first sign of trouble
first sign of trouble  

gelatinous stool
gelatinous stool  
I have been dealing with an uncertainty for almost a year now. I'll start with some background information. I had a major overhaul project to my house inside and out.  Throughout this project I had a number of occurrences take place. A tree covered in aphids fell in my backyard, I spent 2 days sawing and splitting  after that I was stung 9 times by wasps, bees and What I thought was a deer fly. After the tree removal I started noticing pods or wooden like cocoons which seemed to fly into me and sting,bite or embed into my skin.  I woke up one morning to my earlobe bleeding and magnified the image to get a closer look.  It looked like brown pods or granules embedded in me.  After that I was getting "bombarded" by little stinging biting insects.  I had four different exterminators investigate but it was a futile effort and fruitless. One exterminator did get bit and he found the same little splinter sticking out of his arm.   I have since taken baths and different things crawled, oozed or just exfoliated from my skin.   I have pictures and video of these insects but my exams have all been neg. for parasites. I have these tiny white-yellowish brown flying all over.  My body is completely covered and they burrow and bite.
Ive lost over 30 lbs in the first month alone and have lesions and pock marks that never heal.  Worms are sometimes present, could be maggots or larvae.  I take saunas and have to rinse off once or twice during to remove the oozing exfoliation from my skin.  My head/hair could be wet but running my hands through it looks like dandriff is falling.  Some fly away and some fall to the floor.  Please write back with any questions you may have,  I have not been out of the country and I live alone.  Thank you so much for your time,

Please make an appointment with a dermatologist (skin doctor specialist).  He (or she) will do a thorough exam to check for any infection, parasites, or other physical problem.

If the dermatologist finds nothing, then your worrying may be causing your medical problems.  Stress can cause MANY problems in the body.  The dermatologist may prescribe anti-anxiety medication or may refer you to a psychologist.

Many, many people have physical symptoms like yours which are caused by stress and worry.  

Good luck with your visit to the dermatologist.  

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