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Small Bug
Small Bug  
QUESTION: I was outside one afternoon and I saw this tiny guy crawling next to me. It's smaller than an ant and I had to zoom in to get a good photo. I am from the south and I was wondering what kind of bug it is. I can't find the answer amywhere!

ANSWER: Taylor,

I'm sorry but there's not enough detail to id. In fact I can't even tell for sure that it is an insect. If you can post another picture I'd be glad to take a look.

Jack DeAngelis

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Tiny Bug
Tiny Bug  
QUESTION: Sadly this is the second best picture I could get of it. It has maybe 6 or more legs that look similar to a rolly polly's and it is a dark grey bug with lighter vertical stripes on it. I also noticed a tail type structure that was a very light grey or possibly even blue, however it could have been a piece of dust or something. Thank you for your help!

This is a woolly aphid. Aphids are small insects that feed on plants. Some aphids cover themselves with a waxy covering that looks like wool, hence the common name "woolly aphid". If you google "woolly aphid" and look at Images you'll see lots of other photos. There are many different species.

Jack DeAngelis

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