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I have been getting bites that develop large red welts and itch. I was afraid I had bed bugs, but the maintenance team from my condo were here, and felt that it was more likely spider bites.  I haven't seen any signs of infestation, but have found a couple of small bugs. Unfortunately I can't get a better photo, but when I look at pix of bed bugs, they seem wider and more round than these; the bugs that I have seen seem to be pretty much oval, most closely resembling the carpet beetles I've seen on your site. Everything I've seen, tho, says they do not bite.  Any thoughts you can give would be greatly appreciated - these bites are really getting annoying!


Yes, these do look like carpet beetles and you are correct that carpet beetles don't bite (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/carpet_beetle.html). My guess is that your itchy welts are not bites at all but rather some type of allergic reaction. This is VERY common, to mistake contact and food allergies for bug bite. I get several-many questions every week with the same diagnosis (mysterious bug bites). See http://www.livingwithbugs.com/unknown_bug_bites.html for a list of bugs that bites and some things that can be mistaken for bug bites. Hope this helps. BTW, spider bites are really very rare and don't usually cause the type of skin lesion you are describing.

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