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Brown bug?
Brown bug?  
I found these 2 bugs dead right inside my back door. We had just sprayed the perimeter of our house because we live in the country in the middle of a field & would be overtaken by bugs & spiders if we didn't. I also keep ant & roach baits around my house. Whatever these bugs got in to it did kill them but I was just wondering if u could tell me what kind of bug they are. I have become a little obsessed with bugs lately! Lol!

  Hi Jen
From the shape and size these appear to be Shiny Flower Beetles (Family Phalachridae) They were most likely driven into the house by the spraying and died. Spraying insects out side the house is a waste of time and money and a poor environmental practice. To kept them out you will have to find out how they get in. These beetles are nit the kind that enter houses

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