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First, I am very sorry I cannot give you a photo but I hope you can help.

A few years ago when I was in my study at home I saw a green looking crab-like creature - an insect or spider I have no idea.  It moved very slowly in a crablike way rather than as a spider.  It may have been about 2 inches or so in size. I am scared of spiders so I looked at this "thing" from the corner of my eye -I did NOT want to see it! That won't help you to help me!

I have NEVER seen anything like that - all green!!  

I hope there are no more in my study!   My study is full of paper, books and computer items.  The bookcases are made of wood - lots of wood in the room. It walked on the edge of one of the bookcases.  

Do you have any idea what it could be?
I live in the UK not Africa and did not expect to see something like that in my room.



From your description and the movement it could have been a Crab Spider. Look up the spider Family Thomisidae and tell me what you think
 You have my assurance that crab spiders are quite harmless.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: hi Walter
Many thanks for your very speedy answer.  

I have had a look at Wikipedia and there are lots of spiders in the Thomisidae family.  A picture of a spider in this family looks as if it COULD have been what I saw.(But it was not green) I notice that Ozyptila maculosa was spotted in Hull, England in 1948.  Must be rare.   However, here is what has to say:

Ozyptila maculosa Hull, 1948      []
Description male

Prosoma uniformly yellowish brown, margin with a fine, bright yellow line, eyes surrounded by a fine ring of bright yellow colour. Legs concolorous. Opisthosoma: dorsum brown yellowish, sprinkled with reddish brown dots and spots.

Body length male: 2.2 mm
Description female

Female unknown.

As the size is only 2.2mm then it is not what I saw.

I see from

a green looking spider although its length is small - 3mm to 7mm.  Also they are in the Southern states of USA whereas in my part of the world I should think it is not hot enough.

This is quite interesting:
Green Huntsman Spiders  
It is found mostly in Southern England (where I live) and its size upto 15mm. - Probably smaller than what I saw but so far this may be the closest match.

This is so fascinating I will explore further!

Thanks for your help Walter

John (I even managed to look at the spiders without squinting!).

Hi again John
Crab spiders are not as large as your description but when somebody describes a spider they do not want to see they are prone to exaggerate the size.
The Green huntsman (Micrommata viroscens) often has a crablike look and this could be our culprit. Just for the heck of it look up the green huntsman on You Tube. There is a video of a brave person letting one crawl around on his hand.
 Welcome to the marvelous world of spiders

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