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Last nite I caught the end of Animal Planets Giant Asian Hornets. I believe it spoke about them being spotted in the USA.  I happened to recognize this hornet because for the past 2 years I put in my yard a bee trap to trap the yellow jack because they interfere with my hummingbird feeders. I noticed incredibly large wasps or hornets in the trap that I have never seen my whole life on Long Island. I just want to know about these wasps or hornets or if I am supposed to report the sightings of these bees.  I can set the trap again this summer and get one of them to  for identification. Animal Planet stated the stings were deadly.  Please advise.


I think what you may have found is the European hornet (Vespa crabro). This is the largest hornet in N.A. and is fairly common on the east coast. It is also commonly confused with the Asia hornet because of its size. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_hornet for a photo of this wasp. Also, if you are interested in controlling the scavenger yellowjacket species that bother your birds baiting is usually a much better approach than traps, see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/yellowjacket_bait.html. If you get a photo of the wasps in question I'd be happy to take a look at them.

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