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Insect  in question
Insect in question  
QUESTION: So i found this bug flying around my house and managed to get it in a bag. I captured because i noticed it was bigger than the normal house fly. Upon closer inspection i saw that it had orange eyes and an orange end. I tried doing my own research to find out what it was but could not find anything. Im from the southern part of Connecticut and this is my first time seeing such a bug. I'm hoping its not a harmful insect, but im hoping you can tell me more about it.


I can't see any detail in this photo but from your description it sounds like a deer fly (Tabanidae). You might google "deer fly" and look through the images or see

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QUESTION: From the images on google, i didnt look like the deer fly. The deer fly had a large body and yellow on it. My insects body is skinny, it has bright orange eyes and an orange area on its tail. Ive upload two more images in hopes it gives you a better view. Also on top of the bug, it looks to have grey/black, flaky/dry patches that run the length of its body. Would there be another insect not indigenous to this area that might sound familiar?

Sorry but I still can't see much detail, it is very difficult to see through the plastic. Your best option is to contact UConn Extension ( and they will get you in contact with the insect id services at the university. The Master Gardener program is often the point of contact for homeowners but it could be another program in your state. They can also suggest how to send the sample to them.

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