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Unknown bug
Unknown bug  
QUESTION: Hi my name is Rita I live in southern California and I was wondering if you can help identify this little bug. I found crawling on my counter top in the kitchen. It's more aboUT a pencil tip long brown with darker brown or black spots on back, with kind of a hard shell because I squished it and dragged it across the counter top and it was still able to stay alive. Didn't jump or fly and it definitely is not a household common cockroach. I am sending you a couple of pictures so that maybe hopefully you can help me out thank you so much for taking the time out to answer this question and have a good day.


I'm sorry but the specimen is too distorted to id from these photos. If you see any more collect a few into alcohol using a damp cotton swab. The, if you can get a good photo of one that is not "squished" I'd be glad to take another look.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: This is another beetle like bug I found crawling on my room cealing. Do it nite? Is it dangerous to health? I got a 4 year old. That's y I ask.

This is a beetle, they are completely harmless and don't bite. This one infests stored food like grains and dry pet food. If you are seeing only a few it is no reason for concern. Sometimes infestations in stored food can be extensive and in this case you'll need to locate the infestation, dispose of infested food stuff then general cleaning is enough.

Jack DeAngelis

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