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Hi, I live in Palmer Lake Colorado and have Aspen T&G ceilings.  In the past few mornings I've found these larvae on the floor or counter in my kitchen.  They have hard bodies, black heads, white bodies, a faint stripe on the tail, and measure 7/16 of an inch long.  Pic is attached.


Larvae/pupae at this stage are very difficult to id and there's not much detail in the photo. However, from your description I think these are likely larvae of a meal moth possibly the Indian meal moth (see Late-stage larvae usually move out away from their food source to pupate. My guess is you have an infestation in some nearby stored food (dry) such as grain or dry pet food (see for a list of potential sources). If you are not already seeing the moths you may be at the start of the infestation and it should be relatively easy to control.

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