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Hi Water Hintz!
This question is about that mantis you took on your trips and then started acting strange. My mantis nymph is acting the same way! He won't eat but he will drink, he drag his claws as he walks and he seems to have trouble keeping his balance. I'd like to know what happened to your mantis after he started acting weird to see if there is any hope for my cute little guy. I know that post was back in 2011 so it is alright if you don't remember. If you do know I'd be very greatful if you answered! ;)

Thank you!

Hi Kittens
 There are a lot of reasons for an insect to act strangely. There is little that you can do. I hope yours recovers
 I have answered over 13,000 questions since I have been on allexperts and I believe that it reached adulthood and died . The normal life span is only about a year with the species in the US

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