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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/Spot on ceiling appears to b tiny eggs?


Bug Eggs?
Bug Eggs?  
QUESTION: Hi, I just noticed a dark spot on my ceiling. After looking closer with a flash light, it appears to b tiny, long thin particles almost like hairs grouped in a circle. Can you please tell me what it is, is it harmful and how do I get rid of it. (It's in my bedroom). Thanks

ANSWER: Hi Zskiys (Wow) How does one ever pronounce your name?
  I believe that these are some kind of a caterpillar but I cannot see any details to be sure. They should have dispersed by now but if they haven't Just spray them with a detergent of other cleaner and wipe them off. If you see more let ne know


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Tiny worms?
Tiny worms?  

Up close
Up close  
QUESTION: Lol. Sorry about my spelling on my name last time. But you were right. The pic I sent you was night 1. On night 2 I was able to get catch some and get this video. I don't do well with bugs. Are these harmful?  Do they bite or get on people?  Also on the surface of my ceiling where this 'nest' was I now see very small white circles like eggs. What do I do?

Hi Zakiya:  Hit the s instead of the a. I do that all the time

I am sure that these are moth caterpillars. They often appear on ceilings. But caterpillars do not lay eggs. Just squirt  some detergent on the spot and wipe it off.
 I am sure they are not harmful. If I could see the adult I could most likely tell you more. You may eventually see small moths flying around the house. If so see if you can catch one and send me a photo


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