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Tiny brown bugs
Tiny brown bugs  
When cleaning under my daughters bathroom sink I found these tiny brown bugs already dead. They were on the cleaning wipe I was using to wipe under her sink. I have also found about 3 live ones in the bathroom floor, tub, & sink area. We do have a dog in the house that takes a pill monthly for fleas & ticks. I was wondering if these are fleas that maybe had bitten her & were looking for water because I think her pill kills them by dehydrating them. I know they're hard to see in the picture because they are so little but can u tell me what u think they are?  Thank u!!


These are beetles not fleas. The specimens are deformed and too small to id with certainty but I think they are the type of beetle that infests grains and, for example, dry pet food. General cleaning and locating the source the infested grain/food is the best course of action.

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