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Unknown bug!!
Unknown bug!!  
I am very sorry for the picture. These bugs are very very small and also very quick it was hard for me to take a picture in better quality. I found these bugs on and around the hardwood floor, only near the wall and close to the air vent. They are black or grey and are all very tiny, almost impossible to see unless you're very close. They have antenas. The biggest one I found was even smaller than the point of a pencil. The bigger ones seem to be black and the smaller ones a bit more faded and grey. I live in a house, state of Kansas, please help.


Actually the photo is pretty good compared to some that I get! This is called a springtail and they are completely harmless, see for a close-up. They sometimes enter homes following heavy rains or when the soil outside is very dry. They can be swept up when found, they won't breed or multiply indoors.

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