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I found this mysterious insect while working. I've been trying to google it for the past three days but my description of this bug isn't enough for google. I would love to learn what the name of this insect is. It is a small white bug that looks like it has wings but hops around. two small black dots by the head of this insect and is found by cut down trees (Buckthorn Trees). If you can ID this bug that would be very helpful for me. Thank you

Hi Jeremy
I am having a problem with this image with regard to size. You mentioned "small" but how small? I also have a problem seeing the three body parts. I can see two legs and one antenna. You mentioned hopping but I cannt tell if these lags are jumping legs.
 In short I would need a little more information (hard or soft body) and a better photo.
 Meanwhile goggle  "Globular white collembolan" and see if they look like that Collembola are quite small and usually in large numbers
This may also be a larval form.

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