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Nest in light
Nest in light  
I have a mud nest inside my outside light could you identify it please. The screw in the light is about 10mm sticking out from the plastic to give you an idea of the size. Thank you, Stephen

Hi Stephen,

It was made by a mud dauber (wasp). There are many different kinds of mud daubers, but they generally aren't aggressive until threatened. It looks like the nest might be inhabited from your photo. Do you see insects coming and going?

If you do not, and believe it is uninhabited, you can remove it. Be very careful. I recommend using a wasp spray that can be applied from a distance first before handling the nest in case there are some wasps inside. Something like this: https://www.raidkillsbugs.com/en-us/products/raid-wasp-and-hornet-killer-33

If the nest and inhabitants are not a nuisance, you might decide to leave it be. Wasps can be very interesting to watch, but just be careful not to make them feel threatened.


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