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brown bug
brown bug  

brown bugs
brown bugs  
I came across this question from a woman that had the same bugs that I am experiencing. The situation is exactly the same. Her picture was not identifyable. I will attached mine.

This is her email:

Expert: Jack DeAngelis - 9/18/2009


unknown brown beetle
This is a harmless beetle, but very annoying. Emerges in July with summer-temps above 95.Is present in one room only, east side of house, and appears after sun-down, but no lights are on in room. Small (3/8")dark brown, walks predominantly like a beetle at ceiling/wall crease, or along beam/ceiling crease, but will fly. In morning, will occasionally find one or two walking on warmth of my neck or arm. The house will be locked up tight to keep out 105 degree day, and remain closed up at night when outside temp is above 85. Dry climate. Hottest days, we kill ~20 each night. What are they, how do we eliminate them?


I don't recall that question nor my answer, that was a long time ago! I don't recognize the beetles in your photo. Where are you seeing them? Usually when more than a few beetles show up inside a house it turns out to be one of the "stored product pests", in other words something that infests dry stored food, including dry pet food. That's where I'd check first - food storage areas. There are many beetles that infest grains and other dry foods. The standard treatment is to locate the infestation and dispose of it then treat the area with a low toxicity insecticide that is approved for use around food such as EcoPCO AR-X, see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/botanical_insecticide.html.

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