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QUESTION: we seem 2 b getting invaded by a very small hardshell beetle type bug  they seem 2 b more prevalent in the bathroom laundry room areas   how can I get rid of them   thee are more every day

ANSWER: Wilma,

Can you post a picture of the beetles? It sounds like a carpet beetle (see but I'd like to see a photo to be certain.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: I have no way of taking a picture and posting it on here   I just plain have never done that and don't no how----can u suggest something to get rid of them    we r going to a dr in a larger town as we live in a very rural area and would have a much better chance of finding any prodct there instead of depending on our small local stores who do not have very much variety  we will b leaving around 9 in the morning and it is a 2 hr drive one-way so would any suggestions b 4 then thanks

No need to treat with insecticides for carpet beetles. The beetles are very common and not harmful. General cleaning is usually enough. Check areas where dry foods are stored including dry pet food. See the page cited above for more information about control.

Jack DeAngelis

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