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My house is in Las Vegas NV, the spider crawled from my curtains to my hand while i was opening them.  It's between the size of a nickel and dime.  This happened in summer time July 12.  It was in the middle of the day about noon.  He is mostly brown but on his butt he has a white pattern (hard to describe without a magnifying glass) his joints are a darker brown and he has what looks like black eyes.  I have him captured was hoping you could help as I have a little girl and want to make sure it's not a recluse.  Thanks.


Without at least an image of the creature, or better yet a specimen, I cannot tell you what kind of spider it was, except.....

Given your geographic location, it was NOT a brown recluse.  There is one other member of the genus Loxosceles in Las Vegas, but it does not match your description.  See here:


Recluse spiders are just that:  reclusive.  They are seldom out wandering during the day, certainly, and more likely to be found in parts of buildings that are rarely disturbed by human traffic.



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