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QUESTION: Every evening around 8pm I get springtails showing up on my baseboards.  I have counted on average 80springtails a night.  At least that's what I have killed.  I have had the house sprayed professionally twice inside and out to n the past 3 months but they keep coming back in.  I have started caulking all the windows.  Our house backs onto a forest/creek with about 15ft of grass between the house and forest. How do I get rid of these bugs.  A lot of my windows don't even open and I can't see any leaks.  We even spray foamed the entire basement.  The he majority of the bugs show up in my kids rooms on the third floor.  Please help I'm starting to freak out about it.

ANSWER: Mickey,

Can you post a picture of the springtails, I want to be certain we are talking about the same insect? Here's a close-up photo for comparison http://www.livingwithbugs.com/springtails.html.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: I should have mentioned that we live in the middle of a large city in Ontario Canada.   Our property backs onto conservation land (forest/creek).  I attached a picture of the critters.  Thanks.

I can't id for certain from this image. However, springtails usually enter homes in response to extreme conditions outside (wet or dry) so when these conditions clear up the springtail problem usually goes away. They do not breed indoors so until then just sweep them up as you find them. They are harmless and as I said won't establish any sort of permanent residence inside the house. If you decide to treat with an insecticide use one of the botanicals like EcoPCO AR-X, see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/botanical_insecticide.html.

Jack DeAngelis

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