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Black bug
Black bug  

Bug in carpet
Bug in carpet  
I really hope you can me. I've been dealing with bugs in my carpet which I noticed the day I moved in 10/15.  They are various sizes, shapes and some kinda disgusting nugget things. Some look like white paper, whitish to yellowish brow nuggets. Tiny tiny black or brown oval to long black bugs. I vacuumed 2 sometimes 3 times a day just to wake up to thousands more the next day. They hide very well in the bottom of the carpet and form some kind of crust like substance. They have eaten holes in my furniture and my clothes. They don't seem to bite but make my pets itch and I fill like there are stickers on my clothes I wear. The office tell me they don't see snything but dirt. They are also very hard to get out of the carpet. I've tried DE powder and sprays. Can you please help identify what they might be.  I'm living a nightmare all I do is spend time trying to deal with this if you can call that living. If you need more pics I have hundreds. Thank you and I desperately look forward to your reply.


The large, dark insect in the upper left corner is a beetle but the image too blurry to id further. I don't see anything in the photo of the carpet. The only insects that might damage furniture fabric or carpets are carpet beetles ( or possibly clothes moths ( I think your best option is to collect a few of the bugs into alcohol using a damp Q-tip and get them identified through your local Cooperative Extension office. If you tell me where you live (city/state) I may be able to help you locate a nearby office.

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