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Dear Jack,

Would the following strategy work in reducing a local (one acre) mosquito population:

1. Provide females with a breeding ground by way of many small containers of stagnant water.
2. Once the eggs have hatched into the larvae stage, kill them all.
3. Repeat process.

My hope is to "waste" the females eggs and disrupt their breeding cycle.


This is a variant of a "tried & true" insect control strategy for disrupting pest populations. It is similar in principal to the sterile male techniques used for a variety of significant pests like boll weevil and screw-worm fly (google "sterile male insect control" for details or It will however be a lot of work because the traps will need to be serviced every week or so. You might also try adding a little insect growth regulator such as methoprene to the water which will effectively stop larvae from developing into adults thus reducing the servicing of the traps (see The methoprene used for mosquito control is called Altocid Pro-G (see Good luck, sounds like a good idea.

Jack DeAngelis

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