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Today I was near my butterfly bush and observed a large, flying insect which I initially thought was a humming bird, but it was not quite that big. It had a green body and a long proboscis (perhaps 2.5 - 3") in length. It had 2 very long front legs, which it used to brace itself on each flower as it was gathering pollen/nectar. The rear of this insect looked almost like a lobster tail. Would you please tell me what it is?

Hi Bill
You did not include a photo but from your description none is needed. You have described perfectly the Hummingbird moth. It is one of the Hawk moths from the Genus Hemaris. I suspect this may be H. thysbe. These beautiful insects come in many colors and patterns and are found all over the US.
   Google hummingbbird moths and see if this is correct


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