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QUESTION: hello. I moved recently in a new home (an apartment complex built 2 years ago) and I observed on the floor,at the walls jonction tiny goldie insects, with dimensions about 0-1 mm, translucent, wich are moving relatively fast. I saw these insects in my entire apartment, including in bathrooms. I made a picture of this insect under a 20x microscope lens and with a magnifying glass

I hope you can help me to identify these creatures that drive me crazy

ANSWER: Marius,

This is a mite but I can't tell for certain what kind of mite. Are they found more in one room than others? Are they found near windows? Is anyone in the home complaining of "bug" bites? Was the apartment vacant before you moved in? Is there evidence that there were birds nesting somewhere in the apartment, perhaps in the attic? Post a follow-up and I'll help you figure it out.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: I can't tell if there are found more in one room. First, I observed them in my bedroom when I left my mobile phone on the floor for charging and they were in a big number on it, probably because of the heat. I looked now in all my rooms (3 rooms, kitchen, 2 bathrooms) an I saw them everywhere. They are also near the windows and doors but I can't tell if they are more in those areas. No one of my family members complained of bites. The apartment was even new when I moved in, in January. There is no evidence for birds nest around and there is no attic (my apartment in on the 5'th floor from 11)

I have some old furniture temporaly and I suspect that this problem is from it. But I also bought some new furniture and is possible that insects to came in the same package. Or maybe there is an another source. Because of that, I need to identify this insects in order to find their nest. I am also afraid and I need to resolve this problem quickly because I have a 6 months old child.


Mites don't live in nests so it is unlikely there's a single source. These mites are very similar in appear to mites that live in the soil so it is possible that if the furniture was stored outside in contact with the ground that the mites moved onto it. If you are not bothered by bites at this point that's further evidence that these are just harmless soil mites of some kind and the best course of action is to clean and sweep them up as you find them. They will eventually disappear as they won't find anything to eat in the apartment. Soil mites feed on small "micro-arthropods" which occur only in soil. Your other option is to collect a few into alcohol using a damp cotton swab (Q-tip) and have them identified at a local university (check the Biology dept. or Entomology dept.). Sorry I can't be more specific.

Jack DeAngelis

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