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QUESTION: Hate to waste time, not an important question.

Saw this bug on my desk at school (this is why I don't use the school keyboards haha) and wondered what the heck it is. Doesn't look like a flea or tick, to me. It's about time the size of a grain of rice.

Any response would be exciting!

ANSWER: Chase,

Well now ... this is interesting. I have two questions, do you live in a desert climate and does this insect have projects on the back-end (tail-end) like My first impression was that this is a very immature (young) Jerusalem cricket. These insects live in dry/desert climates. My second impression was immature cockroach. It LOOKS more like a Jerusalem cricket but since you found it indoors it may be a cockroach. At this stage of development it can be very difficult to id insects, especially based on just one photo. Post a photo of the back-end if possible and we'll figure it out.

Jack DeAngelis

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The only option the website has is to thank/rate or ask a follow up question. This is just a response not so much a question I suppose.

I didn't throw the bug away I just left it on he desk for the next person to see but I don't think there will be any students in that room until my next time being there. I will take a picture of the back if I can find it. The tail end looked like the sides visable with one small feature and that was a tiny point at the center of its rear. I live in San Diego California.

If the specimen did not have distinct "cerci" (projections) on the back-end and you live in a semi-desert climate (San Diego) then I think my original guess is probably correct, Jerusalem cricket. Google this name and you'll see what the adult insects look like.

Jack DeAngelis

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