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I have a pile about two by two inches wide of pinn head size brown and white egg like things that are in the same and only area. Under a window by a baseboard. They appear a few times a year. I can't find anything on these mysterious. What do you think this is?


Really hard to tell what is in the image, but here is what I think is going on....

I think this is actually a pile of sawdust (and associated paint flakes?) resulting from the emergence of deathwatch beetles from your baseboards.

Wood-boring insects are sometimes trapped in milled lumber and then finish their life cycle and emerge unexpectedly, sometimes years or even decades later.  Deathwatch beetles (Ptinidae:  Anobiinae, or Anobiidae, depending on what authority you consult) are among them.


They won't re-infest, but you'll have to fill the holes and re-paint.  Rarely do they do enough damage to weaken any structure.


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