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Brown winged bugs1
Brown winged bugs1  

Brown winged bugs2
Brown winged bugs2  
Hello! We have started noticing these little browny/red bugs (they look black but indeed are are reddy/brown.
They appear in Windows, walls, ceilings, window sills, I saw one on a blanket. I'd guess they are a 3-4mm in length. They fly. I need to get rid of these quick. I've probably killed at least 50 today. Thank you!

  Hi Warren
It appears that you have an infestation of one of the Pantry pests. These look like either Drugstore beetles or cigarette beetles. They are breeding someplace in your house. First  check your kitchen cupboards and all of your dried foods like cereals and grains. These beetles will bore holes in cereal boxes. If you have pet foods or birdseed in the house check there also If you see any there empty your cupboards. Throw out any foods where you see beetles.  Spray the cracks with a pyrethrin based spray or with boric acid powder. While you are at it spry under baseboards.
I am afraid that this will not be quick. If you leave one female beetle it can start all over.
 You may have to resort to an exterminator but I rarely recommend it, My experience has been that most of them cannot tell one bug from another.
 Keep me informed


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