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Two bugs to identify and I may know one of them. Okay so one is a big slug that is brown-ish grayish in color and stripes and spots all over. I think this is a leopard slug, but I could be very wrong. I've seen this kind of slug many times before. Even bought one to school back in my intermediate school days. And as for the spider this guy is outside every night and all night for the past few weeks. It's Web takes up my entire front porch door. One of the largest webs I've ever seen. Quite a big spider itself with quite some hairy legs aND brown and red in color with an odd shape that looks engraved into its back. What spider is this, and am I right about the slug?

Dear Doug - Your slug does indeed look like a leopard slug - see http://tinyurl.com/jx82o3j. I believe that your orb-weaving spider is in the genus Neoscona, but your flash washed out its color pattern too much for a positive i.d. - see http://tinyurl.com/lktl6w9 for one possibility. This is an extremely common and widespread species, and they do build some very impressive webs!

Hope this helps,

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