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I live in central Louisiana and while we were visiting with my parents yesterday (July 2 at about 4 pm) we saw a stick bug walking around. We assume that it came from the dead tree my husband had just cut down and wanted to show our daughter. My mother was very gently prodding it with an actual stick so it would move and it bowed up like a scorpion with its tail over its abdomen. I need to know if stick bugs sting. This one was probably a good six inches long and I was a bit worried about whether it could harm my kids or not. Thank you so much for your assistance.
Sarah Sharp



Walkingsticks are perfectly harmless vegetarians:-)  I suspect the specimen you saw was a male.  Males have wicked-looking claspers at the tip of the abdomen, but they are used in mating, not for defense.  The species was probably Diapheromera femorata, the northern walkingstick.  It is the common species in eastern North America. Thanks for writing!


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