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Tiffany Romaszewski wrote at 2010-11-11 01:15:12
I'm sorry, but aren't there more small bugs that live on the human body? (Partically in hair) I'm doing an Essay for English and I was asked to find out what else lives in human hair.  

mamaj wrote at 2011-08-27 15:03:38
I just went through this with my daughter.  It's a small dark bug that looks like a miniature moth. She had "nits" in her hair but they were mainly on the top of her head/scalp not behind the ears and along the nape as I think lice typically are.  I originally discovered this bug in the hair brush. I have treated her with NIX and it killed the bugs but I don't believe they were lice.

fedupwithbugs wrote at 2012-12-30 01:10:27
It can be human fleas.  I thought I was fighting head lice for three months but have now learned I had human fleas that can live in your hair.  You can kill human fleas with a mixture of one cup shampoo with one tablespoon vinegar and leave on hair for fifteen minutes then rinse.  I have been doing this for several days and find one to five dead bugs in my hair.

nada wrote at 2013-09-27 16:54:22
Hi.... I also have the same problem. Budgs have been found in my place and I feel there are insects  falling all over me but i am unable to see them, i just feel them touching my feet, legs, arms and face and my body itches.  My head itches day and night and when i comb it in the bath tub i see tiny black dots coming off and falling in the bath.  i also notice them on any white surface, on the floor and on the clothes.  Does anyone know what kind of bug are these?? help....

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