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Gayle wrote at 2007-07-19 23:08:40
I am not an expert in bugs, but I have suffered numerous bites by a bug when swimming in our recently constructed fresh water pond. They have all happened in the same way. The bug gets into my swimming suit and then I get a very sharp sting. I have had difficulty in finding the bug that does it except for one time. From your pictures and description it looks like the backswimming bug. The bite usually does not get inflamed until over 24 hours after the bite. The surrounding area gets red in a 2 inch radius. Additionally it itches. Other than the redness and swelling and itchiness in the localized area I do have any other symptoms. However I have been bite a couple of times in a single day and it has become very annoying. I am looking to change the style of my swimming suit so that I can stop the biting. Will post a question on how to get rid of this bug.

Wordfanne wrote at 2012-12-10 01:16:20
I just solved my LONG-term problem with these Predaceous Diving Beetles.  They do need air, and they hand out just below surface of water for easy access to air, which they take underwater as they dive--it's a bubble supposedly, under wings, I think.  There is something much better at pool stores, that doesn't skew your pool's PH ...there are actually several products available which all provide an invisible barrier on water surface, the purpose of which is to prevent heat loss and decrease evaporation. They provide surface tension, that reforms when disturbed (swimming). They last anywhere from one to three months. One brand is Natural Chemistry's "Cover Free".  It is the surface tension that prohibits break-through by the diving beetles seeking air. In fact, these (self-proclaimed) "solar cover replacements" like cover free do a much, much better job than soap.  My pool went from entertaining over fifty of those pesky beetles to zero--OVERNIGHT.  Vacuum whisked away all of their "remains" in no time.

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