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Miki wrote at 2013-04-03 17:01:38
I had seen this too. I just want to add information from my time to the beach. They were really small and itchy. They MIGHT have lived in a sort of thing like an ant hill, though i am not sure. They are barely see able and look like orange grains of sand. They were long, but not TOO long.

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I`ve been studying entomology for some 20 years, and I`ve been answering questions about insects on the net for nearly a decade now, and am familiar with virtually all groups of insects, both in North America and elsewhere. My greatest expertise is with bees, but I also work with wasps, flies, beetles, butterflies, and moths. If I don`t know the answer to a question, I can generally direct folks to a book or person who *can*. But no spider questions please, I don`t do arachnids.

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