Entomology (Study of Bugs)/Green Lady Bug?


Kristi wrote at 2009-05-29 21:09:53
Sounds like a cucumber beetle to me.  They eat plants and are a real pest in the garden. Orange ladybugs, on the other hand, eat other bugs... and are a friend in the garden.  And hello, I live in Dublin, CA too!  I came upon this site while trying to find out how to get rid of cucumber beetles in my garden. :)

whatsthis wrote at 2011-03-30 23:43:43
I live in California too and used to see this bug inside the house pretty frequently. Its been awhile since I saw one, until about an hour ago today! What are these! It's not the cucumber bug. Its a more pale green and smaller.  

MarG wrote at 2011-04-08 03:22:05
I am so glad to be learning about ladybugs. Most people I've met here in Wisconsin seem to think of ladybugs as harmless creatures. I understand the dad and daughter who may be afraid of insects other than ladybugs. Perhaps they didn't know ladybugs bite since they are thought of as lucky charm. I grew up around killer ants, roaches, mosquitos, bees and other insects and bugs that are very harmful. It's hard to tell difference between a bug and an insect, so first impressions do count when you are a child.

shelley e wrote at 2013-04-13 02:49:11
It is a cucumber beetle. They tear up your plants eating their way up. They lay eggs at the root, and as they grow, they eat the stalks and delicacies of flora. How to get rid of them? Widipedia says, Eradication consists of manual removal, keeping cultivated areas free of litter and debris from infested plants, and application of pyrethrin-containing insecticides applied directly to host plants, such as Cyfluthrin or a non-systemic organphosphate insectside like malathion.

aoife wrote at 2013-05-06 17:34:52
I told my kids that they were just baby ladybugs and they just needed to bloom!

Christine wrote at 2013-07-23 23:32:25
I live in Atlanta,Ga. on Monday Afternoon I was waiting on the bus when I felt a bit on my hand. I look down and saw what look like a ladybug but it was green with black spots. The bug was smaller than a ladybug. I started seeing this bug last year at my work place and thought it was cute until one bit me Monday.

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