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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/Red Mosquito Like Insect


evie wrote at 2009-08-16 22:08:54
I had one of these fly into my room tonight also, would like to know what it was because i had never seen one before.

drbbie wrote at 2011-08-02 05:42:37
I am in Scotland and have had loads of these in my house :( been trying to find out what they are they keep flying at me

jessica wrote at 2012-05-12 03:52:18
idk what it is either i just seen one and it redish orange and its big like a grasshopper and it looks like a mosquito i never seen it b4 and it scared me and i live in kansas

jessica wrote at 2012-05-12 05:13:30
what it might be is a giant crane fly , bc i just seen one and i looked it up and thats what it is  

death08su wrote at 2014-06-22 01:25:13
I also found the same bug in pa today..I got some pictures also..I would like to post them.I never seen an orange mosquito

Entomology (Study of Bugs)

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