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Michelle wrote at 2008-04-25 01:26:25
Hi Valerie, I feel your pain, frustration and anger at what no one seems to have an answer.  I've been battling bed bugs in the house I've rented for 4 yrs for what has been the worst and most disturbing 3 motns, yes I said 3 months and I can't get ride of them to save my life.  Plus with each new cycle (usually about a week apart) it only continues to get worse as they double in number, eat me alive and with each bite hurt worse and worse..specailly on mu toes!  I've done EVERYTHING I can but tent the whole hosue and replace the carpet, paint and re-wallpaper.  the Pest Control spray underneath, all around and inside the house 5 different times now, I've washed EVERTHING in super hot water at least 6xs and put all away in clean trash bags and sealed shut.  I vacumm sometimes 3x's a day, but always at least twice, Once in am and once at night since that's when they really come out.  I clean, clean clean but I'm left feeling defeated each time I find they are still here.  ut everthing increase with each cycle it going on more than 2 months now cleaning, vacuuming sometimes 2 or 3 tims a day, have washed everything at least 5xs over and they just keep coming back to eat me alive.  At the same time I discovered these horrible creatures my hair started freaking out. It's hard to explain but I trust with all you've been through you'll hear me out and not think I'm crazy:)  I wear my hair up in a clip almost everydday and the hair around my face is always pulled tight as well.  I was sitting on bed one day and and felt a single strand of hair pulled itself out the clip, fell to my ear then stuck straight out.  The end of it has what looked like several tiny, tiny either clear or white eggs.  Thought maybe it as lice but the shampoo only helped for a day and then got worse.  they are all over up and down the strands of my hair and the ones closest to my hairline will either jump to my face, ears or directly to my eyebrows then down to my eyelashes and I have to constantly stay on top of it if I don't want them in my actual eyes.  At first contact they look like a white egg, but when I remove with a cutip show a tiny black spec. i even have little incy bite marks around the hairline next to my ear.  Nothing I've read on Bed bugs has listed anything about them infesting a humans hair and my doctor after giving me a drug test referred me to a dermatologist which I still waiting for my Ins co to approve.  Have you heard anything like this in all your research and conversations with others?  Desperately need help and yes I had to start doing this in privste too cause my man thought I was going looney and there's nothing worse than knowing what you see and feel but no one knows what your talking about and some, actually most think your 5150 or on drugs.  Your left feeling scared, mad and all alone.  I'm so sorry you've been going through this and I pray we both find some answers and relief to our nightmares.  I will keep researching this and will let you know asap if I find anything useful and will let you know what Dermo says too:)  and up in clipthe ends of my hair have split so badly and are so dryI never even heardthat alone has been a nightmare +

Annie wrote at 2008-05-21 07:39:03
I'm a veterinary technician. I wonder if you get those little black spots wet on a white paper towel-if they turn red. If they do, it is a flea of some sort. You didn't mention whether or not you have pets, but that would be my bet...

Ziggy wrote at 2008-08-04 03:19:39
HI. I have been having the same thing happen.  It started with my daughter having head lice and treatments.  I have been to a dermatologist and he has been no help. He has given me some gel and I've gotten a shampoo prescription, but nothing has helped. I feel like you, as my husband thinks I am crazy when I tell him something is crawling on my neck, back, head, hair, etc...  the itching is bad.  he says he sees nothing. I go through my hair too, with those combs for head lice but don't see anything.  sometimes there's little black dots that seem to fall on the counter but they don't look like lice.  I have been so mystified too.  

It really is frustrating.

Amy wrote at 2009-01-30 05:54:19
i am 14, and i dont no how, but i have got bugs in my hair at the moment too!! i have only ever had lice once, only eggs, but that was over a year ago. i washed my hair last night and my mum spent most the night combing these bugs out. when i washed my hair they were dead, but today i can feel the crawling of them again, and i am really worrying!! i get those black dots too, but i dont no wat they r. i know exactly how you feel and its not pleasant! please let me no if u find a cure.

Nora wrote at 2009-07-09 00:25:17
Valerie, thank you for taking the time to write down your experiences. I have been having the same problems, feeling things crawl on me and not being able to see them. I also keep finding finding something that looks like a sesame seed which may be some kind of egg. I recently changed soaps so I am going to change back and see if the feeling of being crawled on goes away. Thank you for your answer, Saugy.

susette mcgill wrote at 2009-07-19 21:11:35
i have the same thing  bugs from hell  in my skin and one in my hair   for 9 months  getting better know  using the right stuff   patchuli oil  in your bath water  or lemon grass  neem oil  stops them from reproducing     good luck im in california

susette mcgil wrote at 2009-07-19 21:32:40
i got the bugs  first you need to sprinkle corn starch on u your bed and all over your house to stop the bitting   the bug has a natural wax coat so the corn starch drys them out  you will  get a good night sleep again   i fell better when i bath in pin sol tide and bleach  i tide gets very slippery so be carefull  i used patchulli oil in by bath with epson salt  and the sore on my head closed after 4 months    i am using lemon grass oil in my bath last night  and will again today seems to be breaking down the bug nest on my arms  dont give up  10 months my daughter 19 and my self 45   campfor works good i think garlic  oil  rub on skin  and eat as much raw garlic as u can   so much i could tell u  on what helps   and what dont but please try the patchulli on skin and in the bath can ad epson salt to bath   lemon grass  oil  im using know  im in california  so infested i dont like to leave my house  hang in their it will go away

slkennedy1977 wrote at 2009-10-07 10:13:15
I have had the same problem and my husband swears im crazy and need to seek psychological help!! its ruining my marriage and my life....i see nasty worm-like things in my carpet, and have these spots on my body, which are usually of a sticky residue, yet removable...he says theyre moles, but i disagree..help!!

Alicia wrote at 2009-12-22 07:20:32
My goodness! So there are more people who have the same problem or atleast sort of. I have a dry scalp anyways so I thought that was the reason for my itchy head. Next day in school I was in class and I felt something fall on my ear, it was a clear bug!!! And so I went to the nurse to get a lice check, she made me feel so crazy, got a ridiculous lice kit, even though I didn't think it was lice, and seemed a bit better, the next day in the same class another one fell, only this time it looked like it was red, like it had been sucking my blood. And now these past few days were the backs of my ears are itching and by my neck ANOTHER ONE, tinier has fallen out. I'm keeping it under a glass because one I HATE THE FEELING OF BUGS ON ME! And I can watch a baby being born, but can't stand those things! Two, my mother, my nurses think I'm crazy. I'm sick of being itchy!

Now I have these tiny little bites on my stomach, one thing after another.

LS wrote at 2010-01-01 17:05:47
My brother has the same problem as you - just as you describe. It was sending him crazy.  He couldn't go out and he couldn't have anyone in the house.  They were in his hair, bed, curtains, sofa and everywhere in the house.  He had to take up his carpets and replace with hard flooring and burn his sofa and replace with a leather one.    After over a year, he  discovered it is a type of plant fly.  He got rid of all house plants and started to use fly killing products and the problem started to improve immediately.  He has continued to use insectiside free products and combed his hair several times a day, he left shallow white bowls of warm water out   and these were full of the 'black bugs/flies'.  It has been a gradual improvement but he has finally got it under control. How about going down the fly killing road?  

Tim wrote at 2013-01-23 18:38:24
The tiny clear and black (like ground pepper) things sound like mites. Possibly D. Gallinae (Wikipedia to read more)? One possible fix would be to get some Kleen Free Naturally, which can be ordered from Lowe's website and delivered to your local store or home. Use 1 cup (8oz) in a bath tub of water, soak in it, fully submerge in it several times, and do this daily. Also use it in your laundry and clean all of your clothing and bedding, daily if needed. Vacuum well, and if possible use the Kleen Free in a steam cleaner on your carper too. Hope this helps.

Bambi Elwell wrote at 2013-04-25 19:00:46
I had what I thought was lice, having been a teacher for 12 years i was accustomed to what to look for.  After trying EVERYTHING over the counter and all the other remedies for 14 months I was at my wits end.  My head would itch and I could feel something biting me and also have sore bits on my head.  Little black specks would fall out of my hair if I put down a piece of paper and hung my head over and scratched.  I eve used a very expensive cream perscription which would relieve the area for about 4 days, but then it would start all over again.

Finally, last week I used plain table salt.  First I washed my hair in Dawn dish soap and then poured salt in my hair and rubbed it in thoroughy and consentrated on the scalp and it felt something like sandpaper.  The next day, total relief!  I have done this for 4 nights in a row plus bathed in hot salt water as well.

What I have I believe is some sort of mite, possibly bird mite as there was a next on my wreath on the front door.  In addition to the salt, Dawn and bath I have also gotten new pillows, fumigated my house and sprayed bed bug spray all over my bed.  After living with this horrible condition for 14 months it's now totally under control and the cost was minimal.  Hope this helps someone that may be living with this life disturbing condition.

MDe wrote at 2014-02-26 12:34:20
You all might want to consider Wooly Adelgid. Look them up. They're almost microscopic. I'm waiting to find out myself if this it was possibly made it into my home via Christmas tree.  

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