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Aussie girl wrote at 2013-01-05 09:53:27
I was up a mandarin tree that was infested with sink bugs. The skin next to my right eye & under my bottom lip touched the sink bugs who promptly 'sprayed' those areas with whatever it is they release. That caused a quite strong & painful burning sensation that distracted me & I fell out of the tree. No damage done from that but the areas 'sprayed' by the stink bugs is still red (4 days later) and the skin is peeling of in a large chunk from those areas. I've been washing the areas in goat's milk soap and applying Neem oil, which relieves the burning feeling. (The bugs have been identied as stink bugs & yes, I've killed them all as they were destoying the mandarin tree.

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Will accept most questions in general entomology, including those related to medical entomology, taxonomy, ecology, arthropod surveillance, and pest management. If you are requesting a 'mystery bug' identification, PLEASE either attach an image to your question, or post an image on a web page (such as Flickr) so that I can look at it, as verbal descriptions frequently are insufficient for a definitive identification.


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American Journal of Public Health, Contributions of the American Entomological Institute, Japanese Journal of Sanitary Zoology, Journal of Economic Entomology, Mosquito News, and Mosquito Systematics.

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